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- MENU -
- Sri Lankan Coconut Lentils £4.50 (VE / GF) -
Masoor lentils tempered with cumin and garlic.
- Moong Bean Daal And Spinach £4.50 (VE / GF)-
Spiced green gram legumes cooked with spice and fresh spinach leaf.
- Punjabi Chole £4.50 (VE / GF) -
Whole chickpeas cooked in a spiced tamarind sauce.
- Black Urad Daal £4.50 (VE or V / GF) -
Black gram cooked in a rich creamy sauce (Vegan option available).

- Gujarati Style Vegetables £6.00 (VE / GF) -
Green beans, peas cauliflower, potatoes and tomatoes tossed with cumin and mustard seed.
- Indonesian Corn £6.00 (VE / GF) -
Corn with peanuts, chilli and coconut.

- Kashmiri Paneer £6.00 (V / GF)-
Chunks of Indian cheese marinated in Kashmiri spices and cooked with a tomato, cumin malai.
- Saag Paneer £6.00 (V / GF) -
Chunks of farmers’ cheese sautéed with Indian spice and spinach leaf.
- Matar paneer £6.00 (V/GF) -
Chunks of Indian cheese sautéed with Indian spice and peas.

- Javanese Fish Curry £11.00 (GF) -
Chunky white fish with lime, mint, toasted coconut and spiced tomato.
- South Indian Prawn Curry £11.00 (GF) -
Prawns with fenugreek and curry leaf tomato malai.
- Vietnamese Prawn Fried Rice With Prawn £12.00 -

- Keema Matar £8.50 (GF) -
Spiced minced lamb slowly cooked with blackened spices and peas.
- Traditional Lamb Curry With Potato £12.00 (GF) -
Chunks of lamb leg on the bone marinated in home made Garam masala and gently cooked in traditional North Indian spices.
- Hyderabadi Lamb Pilau £16.00 (GF) -
Slow cooked lamb shank in spiced basmati rice, peas and Indian spices.

- Chicken Pilau £9.00 (GF) -
Whole chicken leg cooked with rice in a blend of spices and spinach.

- Red Coconut Chicken Curry £9.00 (GF) -
Cubes of Chicken breast  delicately flavoured with South Indian spices and coconut.
- Penang Chicken Curry And Potato £9.00 (GF) -
Chicken cooked with aromatic Malaysian herbs and spices.
- Sri Lankan Chicken Curry £9.00 (GF) -
Chicken with curry leaf, turmeric and mustard seed.

- Basmati Rice £2.25 -
- Chapatti £2.25 - 

Food will be delivered chilled to be heated up at your convenience.
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